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Team SportzMad

Here at SportzMad we want to encourage fellow athletes to experience a broad spectrum of training and racing options in different disciplines and types of events. 

One of the biggest drawbacks is having to pay to join a club and affiliate to this and that.

Over the next 12 months SportzMad aims to break down the barriers to allow you the athlete to partake in different events or disciplines, allowing you to compete at something that your current club memberships do not support. 

SportzMad is offering free membership of 'Team SportzMad' to allow you to be affiliated to organisations such as Cycling Time Trials.

If you would like to read more about cycling time trials, the governing body have a useful (if somewhat wordy) information page with a guide to the basics here.

You don't need to have this guy's bike, team kit or legs to enjoy cycling time trials with Team Sportzmad.

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To join Team SportzMad for free,  enter your information below and we will add you to the team and send you the occasional update on our upcoming events that you might be interested in.