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Heather is a extraordinary coach who's mix of enthusiasm and experience was exactly what I needed to push me onto the next level achieving what I didn't think possible and finish a ironman. Heather went above and beyond what was required and was there through the highs and lows. Whether it was advice on nutrition to destroying me in a spin class I always knew if I trusted her training plan I would not only complete my ironman I would smash it. Which is what I did... Thank you heather

Marc Durkin, Ironman, Bolton 2015

I knew Heather from my running club. Her proven record in long distance triathlon speaks for itself. Podium finishes and top performances in her age group. She was perfectly qualified for my needs. Heather took on board all my commitments (family, job, honeymoon) and worked out a comprehensive day by day training plan that pushed me without breaking me. Armed with my plan I followed it to the letter and whenever I needed support Heather would deliver, from nutrition advice to handy crucial race day tips. Race day arrived and I felt prepared. I was confident, fit and excited. More importantly, I was injury free. I credit that down to the training plan! The race was hard, it hurt, but after 12 hours and 55 minutes I weaved down the red carpet soaking up the moment and crossed the finish line. A fantastic memory and one I will never forget.”

Andy Jones, Ironman, Bolton 2015